Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I love you.


It only seems fair that I confess my never ending admiration and love for a boy I met a little over 4 and a half years ago. Apparently I was "too cool and bitchy" to notice the cute skater boy who played hacky sack in the hallways during lunchtime. The boy who "didn't know my name," and who wore his shirts a size too big while all my shirts were a size too small. No one could have ever guessed that two opposite worlds would collide, a romance would begin, and a friendship would flourish. He taught me how to ollie on a skateboard, how to skimboard, how use photoshop, how to do things I never imagined I'd learn. He made me love soccer because his obsession for the sport is something he is so passionate about. He has so much passion, everything he does is done with intensity, and his mind is a mystery I'll spend eternity trying to understand. To this day he has continuously showed me what it's like to love someone with everything you have, with respect, and honesty, and loyalty, and I am forever greatful. I truly hope that everyone in the world finds someone that they love. Someone that makes them feel beautiful and special. Someone who makes them feel happy, complete, and alive. Someone who makes life worth living and who can make every moment feel new. Someone like the boy I found, my best friend, my one and only; the boy I love who loves me.

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