Saturday, November 14, 2009


Pretty, pretty princess was one of my favorite games along with Candyland when I was a little girl. I guess the little girl I once was still lives within me and is set free more often than not. Barbies were a pretty entertaining way to keep myself busy. I can clearly remember the days where I'd spend hours dressing them up and creating imaginary scenarios of a fantasy world. I even had an American Girl Doll named Samantha. I read the books, browsed the magazine for the clothes and the accessories, and I can't forget how happy those little things made me. My younger sister Samantha now owns that doll I once dearly loved and it makes me smile and reminisce about my youth.

As I reflect on the past I realize how the obsession with the internet has really diminished the necessity for face to face interaction. Where's the personality, the sincerity, the life given to words when communication is done through a computer screen with words left wide open to (mis)interpretation? What happened to the traditional invite to a party via mail (not email, twitter, or facebook status)? What happened to making a phone call just to say hello? Don't get me wrong, I see and agree with the benefits of the immediacy of technology; I am fascinated and intrigued by the advancement of it, however, I just wish some of the simplicity of old-fashioned communication would still exist & be used once in awhile.

I'm tired.

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