Sunday, November 22, 2009


She's intriguing, she's fascinating, she's unique, she's talented, and she's an enigma. The beauty of Lady Gaga as an artist is that she is something infectious. I think she's brilliant and her voice is fantastic. Her recent SNL performance portrayed just how talented she really is. Yes, her outfits are outrageous, but so what? She's a walking art exhibit. She does the unexpected, creating the unimaginable while maintaining a mysterious edginess. Yes, she may seem a little disturbing, weird, unexplainable, wacky, and robotic at times but it's unquestionably appealing and I'm drawn into it. If you take a moment to really appreciate Lady Gaga as an artist you will see that she is undeniably talented. Just look at some of her performances before she became famous and you will see what an incredible singer she truly is. The first time I saw Lady Gaga was at the club SET in Miami. She entered the stage in an all black skin tight body suit with a hoodie and huge black sunglasses. She seemed almost robotic, I didn't quite understand it, I thought to myself that she was a little strange, but her song "Just Dance," was catchy. That performance was over a year ago and now Lady Gaga is a sensation. I must admit, at first I was hesitant to really embrace her, I didn't know if I really thought she was so great. Now, I've come to the conclusion that I think she's pretty phenomenal. A few days ago I listened to Beyonce's new song "Video Phone," and surprisingly, Lady Gaga outshines Beyonce (in my opinion). So whether you love her or hate her, it seems like Lady Gaga is here to stay. I can't wait to see what new music, exotic outifits, and wildly entertaining performances are to come in the future.

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