Monday, December 21, 2009


Upon receiving the delightful news that American Apparel would be hosting a rummage sale in the easily accessible city of Miami, nearby my lovely South Florida home, there was no way I was going to miss out on this fantastic opportunity. With offers such as, 85% off merchandise, prices starting at just $2, and nothing being sold over $25, my heart skipped a beat & I was ready to tear that sale apart. Once I entered the warehouse I'll admit I felt a little overwhelmed, however, the feeling was all too familiar from the way I feel upon entering a large thrift store. There were aisles and aisles of racks crammed tightly with a variety of clothing and endless amounts of boxes littered across an outside open space. Surrounded by a ton of hipsters and the sound of indie music blaring, I ripped the racks apart, going through items one by one, until my vision got blurry. I stuffed my plastic garbage bag (which was so kindly provided to me upon arrival to the warehouse) to the point where it ripped and failed completely. I dug through boxes of clothing like a starving person scrounging for a scrap of salvageable food until I felt that my digging and searching was sufficient. I ended up getting $218 worth of merch for only $54, which I clearly view as such a success for my hard work, effort, and persistence through the surprisingly finger-numbing air. Although many of the items in the sale were either damaged, had holes, or were sizes too big, I managed to get some really good items in great condition. Here are some pictures of my purchases! I highly recommend attending an AA Rummage Sale if you get the chance. It was well worth it and with the irresistible prices offered it's almost impossible to say no! :)


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