Sunday, July 5, 2009

In my own little corner.

My heart is heavy, my eyes are tired, my lungs are dirty, and my liver is crying. Take me back to the days of my youth where innocence was something I could claim. To be naive, carefree, and stressfree would be a gift. I want to float away, take a vacation, and free my mind from this misery. I feel alone in my thoughts. I'm in my own little world.

Here comes trouble

How am I supposed to feel when nothing seems real anymore? I'm spinning, so dizzy, trying to keep it together. Nicole Richie was hosting a fashion show, my Marc Jacobs Daisy ring broke, I was suddenly on the beach and it was about to storm, I saw the waves swell and it seemed as though they would crash on top of me at any moment, and all I can remember is just walking and walking and walking. Then I woke up.