Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Some days I wonder why I update so frequently and then I realize that there is something within me that is compelled to be free, causing me to spill my guts unnecessarily. The more I speak and write and reflect, the more it all makes sense. Although, it's complicated and perhaps none of what I think or say makes any sense at all. I could sit here all day and analyze my words til I'm blue, but for now I prefer to let to words accumulate and travel down a stream through my brain and fall from my fingertips to press buttons & letters on the keyboard, displayed for all to read (and with no feedback which makes me feel as though I'm not connected, like no one else feels the way I do; it's a beautiful disaster, an enigma, I'll never know and maybe I never need to.) I keep the most important things nearest my heart and deep within, yet, the excess oozes onto this computer screen. This summer will go down in history as one of most rewarding events in my life that I can only hope will create a path of glory.

Today I thought about how it's impossible to hold onto moments of time in our life, we can only reflect. That concept is excruciating difficult to grasp especially when we want everything to last forever. Time doesn't wait. Time never stops. It just ticks & ticks & tocks & tocks...