Monday, December 14, 2009


I find these photographs particularly gorgeous. I love the brilliant & vibrant splashes of color, the over exaggerated make up, the outrageously large accessories, & the super teased hair. :)
In contrast to the brightness & sense of warmth these photos bring, I'm feeling rather anxious, dark, & cold . Today I realized I'm losing my luster and motivation & I need get more focused and set some goals.

Now that school is over it's hard for me to wake up early in the morning. The past few days have been spent regretfully sleeping in, even though my agenda is finally vacant, and my body could probably use a little catching up. I've already started moving my things into boxes & preparing to move. Whether I stay in Orlando or move back home is still an unknown decision that is rapidly & ominously approaching. A large part of me just wants to relax and enjoy my new found freedom & success from finishing college, whereas, the other part of me is frantic & eager to find a job & start working as soon as possible.

I refuse to slow down.

Here's to a handful of dreams & a mind full of wishful thinking.