Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My words are irrelevant.

When I'm all out of words to say I simply let the photos speak for themselves.
All of the changes I'm experiencing have been causing me an overwhelming wave of conflicting emotions.
Decisions are growing harder to make, however, I am fully aware of how the circumstances could be far worse than they currently are.
There's so much beauty in such an ugly world and no room for sadness in a privileged life.
Just gotta keep my head up high & smile :)

Thankfully I have my collection of shoes to put a smile on my face.
At this rate, with the amount of shoes I've been so frequently accumulating, I fear that I'll be unable to keep up with all the new shoes for spring that my heart desires. Life goes on...
I am so uncontrollably drawn to the structure, design, & artistic creation of shoes, it's truly unfathomable how compelling their effect is on my mind. 

My oh my goodness I swear I could wear the Alexa's to bed.
I never want to take them off & momentarily, I love wearing them more than any other shoe I own.

I'm focusing on keeping myself sane & keeping my heart & mind as active as possible in these brief moments of inactivity & restlessness.
Goodbye for now...