Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The weather has been so consistent and breathtakingly gorgeous that I'm truly in awe. It seems the sun has been smiling and spreading its rays upon everything & it really is quite a spectacle to see. The sky is virtually cloudless and the breeze is soft & refreshing. Every day seems more and more beautiful to me & I try to hold onto the moments of pure happiness as tightly as I possibly can.
Right now, I sincerely favor neutral colors, bright orange lips, slathering on sunscreen + kiss me by philosophy 20 spf gloss, chewing berry red ORBIT gym, & wearing my hair in a careless messy bun or loose flowing waves.   

Unsurprisingly, I've fallen deeper into lust with more Jeffrey Campbell shoes that I completely adore. I don't know how I've evolved into a shoe addict but I have no regrets. I'm wholly satisfied as I proudly prance around in them everywhere I go...