Thursday, September 23, 2010


Totally got a kick out of this Panda commercial via Johnny Cupcakes

Besides the fact that I adore cupcakes, I've always admired the innovative mind of Johnny Cupcakes and everything he's done with his brand. I love the creativity and passion he puts into his clothing/accessories. 

Each t-shirt I've purchased from the store has come in an interestingly designed box, with fun & neat looking wrapping, a Johnny Cupcakes pin & collectable card, and just recently, a fun fact printed on the inside of the T-shirt. Even the tag is unique, usually in the shape of an oven mitt!

It's remarkable how much the little things really matter and how they can impact customer satisfaction (at least for me). I can honestly say that these little things effectively distinguish this brand from other traditional brands. It's more than just buying a regular t-shirt because they are limited edition. Johnny Cupcakes is always striving to be original, always thinking big, and outside of the box. 

He serves as an excellent example that you can do big things by utilizing a creative mind and instilling passion into what you believe in. I'm ready to make big things happen, my passion is bursting at the seams, & I'm truly inspired. 
Thanks Johnny :)