Wednesday, February 24, 2010

LIFE IS FOR living NOT living UPTIGHT.

Loving all of these looks right now; the colors, the patterns, the ruffles/movement/material, the handbags, and of course, the SHOES! At the moment, I'm really into the sock and shoe combo, although it's not my most flattering look.
This weekend I'm looking forward to making specially designed cupcakes for my friend Tricia's bridal shower. It'll be my first one & I can't wait to celebrate!
I just want to indulgeeeeeeeeee in the sweetest, most sugary, unhealthy foods! This morning I overheard a Diet Dr. Pepper commercial and I've been craving one ever since! Oh dear, I fear I'll never retire my sweet tooth! Having self control is a betch, but I need some improvement & sense of empowerment...