Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Over-indulging is an understatement.

Oh dear...
I completely spoiled myself by paying for an upgrade rental while my car got serviced at VW.
The guy just HAAAD to show me the ESCALADE & as soon as I hopped in I was completely sold.
Lets just say that driving a black on black ESCALADE around for a few days was exhilarating & I almost shed a tear when we parted ways. 

Between food, clothes, and shoes, I've been over-indulging on everything lately!
My Jeffrey Campbell shoe collection is rapidly growing, but the prices I've been getting them for have been absolutely ridiculous (thanks to LF stores HUUUGE sale of the season)

Tomorrow I'll embark on another journey as a PA.
I can't wait to experience 3 crazy days of pure random, chaotic, and unknown adventures! 
Bye, bye blogging & internet for a few days!